Social Services

Dealing with an illness can be a very difficult time for patients and their loved ones. At RMCHCS, experienced and sensitive social workers and case managers are available to assist patients and their families as they cope with the many psychological and social problems that may arise when facing an illness, hospitalization and medical treatment.

Our social work staff acts as patient advocates by serving as counselors and helping to find resources and solving problems. When medically necessary, the social work staff also helps to arrange alternate levels of care for patients after leaving the hospital, which may include rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospice or home care services. Any concerns related to the psychological, practical or social well being of each patient or their loved ones may be discussed openly with or social work staff.

RMCHCS social work and case management staff offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Answering questions related to health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and State disability insurance

  • Case coordination to help the patient decide on the best arrangements for leaving the hospital

  • Psychosocial evaluations and treatment planning

  • Crisis intervention

  • Financial assessment and referral services

  • Abuse assessment and reporting

  • Education and consultative services

  • Advance Directive assistance

  • Community resources

Assistance from registered nurse case managers who can arrange home health care and home hospice, as well as help set up durable medical equipment in patients' homes, is also available.